Termite Barriers

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Getting termites out of your house is one thing, but keeping them out is an entirely different process. Many houses are built with termite protection, but this can expire, get damaged, be compromised by modifications to the building or be installed wrong in the first place. Often times building owners think they are protected, but in many cases this turns out not to be the case. We are able to provide advice and information about the status of your termite protection either through a termite inspection, a free onsite needs assessment (where we don't just try to sell you stuff), or even just a simple conversation.

The primary means of termite protection we use at Boss are chemical termite barriers. We find this to be the most effective means of protecting your home by a large margin. Essentially, we apply products to the soil around a building, through which termites have to pass to gain access. Most times this is as simple as treating the perimeter, but sometimes the area under houses, or even inside them need to be treated. This forms a termite barrier, which termites cannot pass through, unless there is a fault somewhere. There are also rare cases where areas are not able to be treated safely and successfully through a chemical termite barrier. We will advise of the particulars required in each case, as well as the cost and expected result of the treatment.

Treatment is applied through digging trenches in soil areas around the perimeter of your home, and sometimes around construction elements underneath; to which we apply your choice of termite product. The trench is then backfilled, and the backfill treated with more product. We may at times use a “soil rod” to apply treatment to deep or hard to reach areas where digging is not possible, or not feasible. In areas where there are concrete or pavers, we can either drill through them, and use a slab injection tool to inject product underneath at high pressure, or remove them entirely so the above trenching method can be used. We use extra product under these areas, to make sure a complete termite barrier is formed.

How effective are termite barriers?

Extremely. We have never had a case where one of our termite barriers have been breached (because we do an awesome job- hehe), but occasionally this will happen. A good operator will have very few failures though, as they will ensure the right product is used, it gets to the right places, and enough is applied. We don’t skimp on anything, so although we are not always the cheapest, you can be sure we have spent the time and money to get the job done right.

Is a termite barrier safe?

Absolutely. We do advise pets and children be kept away from us while we are treating, and away from the soil we have treated (as much as possible) until it is dry (1-2 weeks). In reality though, the products we use are only about as toxic as wine (less than passion pop though- that stuff is horrendous!), so it would take a fair amount of dirt eating to cause any real harm. Once this happens, the treatment is pretty much harmless. If you are still concerned, we can offer a product called “Altriset”, which is completely non toxic to everything except termites, and a few of their close insect relatives. This means it won’t kill worms, or beetles that are beneficial to the soil.

Do I need a termite barrier?

Not always “need”. It is always of benefit to have some form of termite barrier in place, although sometimes the cost outweighs the benefit. We will always give an honest assessment on this, instead of just trying to sell you everything we possibly can. The biggest risk factor is a previous termite infestation. When termites enter a house, they leave a pheromone trail in the soil, so any future termite colonies in the area can come along and find them, and lead them straight in. This is why it is ESSENTIAL to install a termite barrier if you have a termite infestation. Other risk factors include proximity to large trees, stumps and logs, moisture around or under the house, DIY renovations, and timber elements in contact with the ground; to name a few.


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