Controlling Mice, Rats & Rodents

Our standard pest control treatment now includes a preventative rodent treatment. This involves using fresh, professional grade bait to the roof cavity, or rodent harbourage areas of your home. We find that while trapping is quicker, the best long term solution is to give our furry friends a tasty treat.

Modern baits and procedures used in an urban setting are extremely safe, as opposed to years gone by. This means that if your dog or cat happens to eat a rodent that has consumed this bait, there is almost no risk of harm coming to them. If we are conducting a baiting treatment to an area accessible to children or pets, we use lockable rodenticide containers, so that they cannot access the bait.

Our rodent treatments have an extremely high success rate, with almost no service calls to treat rats or mice after a short period of the bait having been in place. This is due in no small part to our “secret sauce” which rodents cant get enough of. Whatever it goes on, they will chew through to make sure they're got it all.


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