Termite Treatments

The treatment of live termites is not something you should attempt to do, unless you are qualified to do so. There is no worse thing you can do than spray termites with a can of spray, or something from the hardware shop. Our products are highly specialised, expensive, and are designed so that the termites carry them back to the nest, and hopefully cause the colony to collapse. Fast acting sprays will only kill the termites they contact, and will cause the colony to retreat. This has no effect on the health of the colony, and they will be back munching in a very short timeframe. The correct application is also quite difficult, with keeping termites working through the product in an attempt to kill the colony, a very fine balancing act.

The process if you find or suspect termites or their damage in your home are as follows:

  1. Take a photo of the area, and any insects inside, and text or email them to us for identification. (optional)

  2. Make sure any damaged areas of the termites workings are covered with masking or duct tape. We need to keep them in their workings for the best chance of killing their nest.

  3. We will arrange to do an “invasive inspection” and colony control treatment, whereby we perform a number of tests to locate all the termites, and apply treatment to remove them from your home.

  4. We wait. It takes at least 2 weeks for the colony control treatment to remove termites from your home, sometimes up to 2 months. We will return at appropriate intervals (usually 2-3 weeks) for the species of termite to determine if they have left the building.

  5. Damage may be prepared, and protective treatments installed so that the risk of termites coming back is severely hampered.


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