Termite Control

Boss Are The Termite Experts

Boss Pest & Termite Solutions offer a range of termite related services depending on your needs. We are highly skilled at termite inspections and treatments including both removal and proetection. Termites do millions of damage to timber structures in Australia each year, with one in three houses in Queensland suffering termite damage. In our experience, the average damage bill is over $10,000,

with severe cases located in large houses occasionally breaking $100,000. Termites can go through pine house frames and decorative timbers, such as skirtings and window sills, like a hot knife through butter. They are also often prone to eating hardwood frames, plasterboard, and timber fixtures and furniture.

Feel free to browse through the services we offer in relation to termites, or call or email us to find out more. We can also attempt to identify termites or termite damage if you text us a decent photo of the suspect critter or area.

If you think you have found termites the most important thing is not to disturb them. Try to cover any damage you may have caused to their workings with masking or duct tape, and call us straight away. We need to get our products on as many termites as possible, so that we have the best chance possible to kill the termites' nest, and stop them coming back.


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