Termite Inspections

The majority of our termite inspections are provided as routine maintenance, to identify termites and their path of destruction early, as well as any conditions which may help them destroy your property. With the use of a thermal camera, radar (movement) detection, moisture meters, as well as the standard “sounding stick” and timber probe, we are able to track down even the most elusive termites. Termites can damage a structure quite quickly, so it is imperative to find them early to minimise this damage.


We also perform inspections to structures which are known or suspected to contain live termites. In these cases we are extremely thorough, and may ask permission to remove building elements such as plasterboard or bricks to properly assess the situation. It is extremely important to identify all the areas of termite activity within a building before commencing removal or protective treatments. It is also of great benefit to find the point at which termites have entered the building; something which can only be accomplished with sufficient experience, but more importantly, aptitude for the work.


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Boss Termites and Pest Control takes care of two of my shops and home. I can’t recommend his services highly enough. Thank you Joe!
— Carla Burns